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School Name:  Hilliard Darby High School
Program Name:  Innovative Robotics Program
District Name:  Hilliard City Schools
Program Category:  Connect
Program Description:  A robotics program to give students at Hilliard Darby High School the fuel to ignite a love of mathematics, science, and technology, and inspire them to dream beyond what they have learned in the classroom. Students involved in the robotics program will be challenged to design, construct, program, and then test and refine those designs. These funds will be used to purchase VEX robotics products to support up to five teams with the ability to be competitive with other current VEX robotics programs. Each team will be given the opportunity to compete at a local and regional competition in the first year of the program. When teams are successful, they will also compete nationally and in world competitions. VEX was chosen because their products are state-of-the-art and cost effective. In addition, the rigor of VEX competitions corresponds with the thoroughness of our pre-engineering courses. This grant would also provide the competition field and equipment that can be utilized for competition practices. This equipment will also be used to host local competitions open to other Central Ohio High Schools. In addition, these funds will be used to provide contest registration fees, and transportation to competitions. There is also a need to provide additional training and a stipend for the facilitator of this program. This program will be expanded and maintained through future grants and fundraising.
Impact Of Grant:  Our community, state, and nation are in desperate need of leadership capable of solving tomorrow’s problems. Unfortunately, in our country, there are not enough high school graduates choosing to enroll in science, mathematics, and technology-related disciplines when entering higher education. If this trend continues, our future generations will have a hard time competing in a high tech global market. Research shows that a robotics program is a very influential platform for attracting and holding the attention of today’s multi-tasking, connected youths. The use of robotics has the ability to appeal to this competitive age group and demonstrates the perfect storm of applied physics, mathematics, computer programming, digital prototyping and design, integrated problem solving, teamwork and thought leadership. This program will give purpose to what students are learning in the classroom, and inspire them to go beyond what they have learned. In addition, students will form lifelong relationships with community mentors, corporate sponsors, and students from across this nation. Developing these relationships will lead to scholarships, internships, and even career opportunities. Last, with school budgets becoming tighter every year, and cuts to essential programs becoming more frequent, it is impossible for a program like this to exist unless it is funded by outside money. Please provide our children with the resources needed to succeed in the 21st century; by doing so you will also be helping our community, state, and nation thrive.

Vote Totals:  6866
School Classification:  Large (enrollment 701+)
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