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School Name:  Johnstown-Monroe High School
Program Name:  Big Red Band
District Name:  Johnstown-Monroe Local Schools
Program Category:  Shine
Program Description:  The Johnstown BIG RED BAND has 197 members andtheir band director Joe Carver has made it cool to be inthe band.They participated in Atlanta, Georgia, two years ago atthe Chic-fil-A-Bowl andwon first place. Last yearthey performed at Disney World andwon several honors. We have 500 students in our school and amazingly forty-percent are inthe band.They perform at several locations each year aroundthe state and in other states. Several of our band members go on and receive scholarships to perform in college bands. As a principal, I am indeed very fortunate to be associated with our band.They are known far and wide asthe "Pride of Johnstown." Our band booster group is fantastic.They raise funds duringthe year to buy band instruments, uniforms, meals and transportation. Withouttheir dedication, none of this would not be possible. Transportation costs have skyrocketed. We take seven busses to every event at a cost of $30 an hour.The $10,000 would not onlyhelp in this area, but it wouldhelp the boosters pay for students that are not able to pay to participate. For some students being part ofthe BRB isthe highlight oftheir high school year. With yourhelp, this scholarship would easethe tremendous burden of paying for peripheral fees such as fuel costs and directly benefitthe students that needhelp.
Impact Of Grant:  It takes tremendous dedication from all that participate inthe BRB. Fromthe students that perform with only one band director, tothe parents that followthe band as boosters to pay for every single expense forthe band.The band receives absolutely zero funding fromthe general fund. The impact of this grant will be felt by every student inthe band. We will come play for you or one of your many charities and join you withhelping others.The tremendous work NBC4 does to contribute tothe Central Ohio Region is what makes Columbus andthe surrounding area a great place to live.Their next project or plan for a trip would be to play inthe Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.The fact thatthey have high expectationshelp motivatethese students to aim high in life. We have students with several social-economic backgrounds andtheir parents have made big sacrifices to educatetheir children. For most students this istheir first time traveling out of state. For a lot of our band members this isthe one thing that keepsthem motivated to become a bigger part of something.The responsibilities for each BRB member totheir school, totheir family and tothemselves take on a new meaning. I am very proud of our BRB members. Something clearly special is going on here at Johnstown-Monroe High School.
Vote Totals:  2902
School Classification:  Medium (enrollment 301-700)
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NBC4 Make A Difference Grant

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