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School Name:  St. Michael School
Program Name:  Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)
District Name:  Diocese of Columbus
Program Category:  Think
Program Description:  As educators, we understand the unique dignity of each child entrusted to our care. Our classrooms are tapestries of personalities and talents, with a wide array of abilities and learning styles. In order to enable those children within our school family who need extra assistance to achieve their potential, St. Michael School is blessed to have a team of dedicated support professionals called the Intervention Assistance Team (IAT). With an approach designed to ensure that a student does not feel labeled or separated from his/her classroom family, their efforts blend seamlessly into the background, and often go unnoticed by others.

Our mission is to assist academically or emotionally challenged children to achieve and succeed at St. Michael School and throughout their lives. Guided by a whole-child philosophy, and sustained through a collaborative effort between parents and staff, the IAT designs strategies that both support and encourage academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth. The IAT is a key connection in providing communication, resources, and support to parents, classroom teachers, and students. Ensuring a student remains positively connected and engaged within his/her classroom environment is key to each child’s happiness and success.

The IAT provides for either short-term need or ongoing assistance. Through progress review and discussion, the student’s challenges are addressed and the responsibilities of each team member are then coordinated. Members of the IAT include the guidance counselor, school psychologist, reading specialist, director of student services, and the school principal.
Impact Of Grant:  If St. Michael School becomes the chosen recipient of this year’s generous MAD grant, the resources available to serve the learning needs of our children will be greatly enhanced. Specialized classroom materials, educational aids such as supplemental software, a variety of supportive equipment from headphones to Kindles, and possible training workshops for classroom teachers are just a few examples. The impact will be immediate, as children who struggle in the traditional classroom setting will receive materials that will directly affect and improve their daily lives.

Each year a limited budget stretches to serve the unlimited learning styles and needs of all of our children. The blessing of additional funding will directly impact the hopes, dreams and lives of our more challenged students and their families. Today’s investment in our children will truly pay dividends in their future, as well as all of the hearts and lives that they will touch in return.

The Intervention Assistance Team hopes to use funds gained from the MAD grant to directly support students, teachers, and parents in their mission to assist students at St. Michael School.
Vote Totals:  2719
School Classification:  Medium (enrollment 401-800)
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